Signed Brady Carte de Viste Photograph of General Thomas J. Jackson
THOMAS "STONEWALL" JACKSON. Confederate General. Signed CDV photograph of Jackson as Officer in the Union Army. Three Quarter pose in uniform. Marked Matthew Brady on the reverse. The Signature is bold with great contrast. The rarity of these signed photographs are well known. Very few examples of these photographs exist and there has not been one offered for sale in some years.....$15,000 See item at left

Original Cartridge Pouch on Belt w/ Buckle- Offered is A REPRODUCED Union leather belt measuring approximately 40" with a REPRODUCED belt buckle but having an ORIGINAL leather cartridge pouch. The entire item is in very good condition and would be a nice addition for re-enactment soldiers. The original cartridge pouch sells for what the price is................................$200 . CLICK IMAGE

Civil War Maryland Governor Bradford Check- Offered is a very nice check made to Charles Wyeth for $25 dated Aug.10,1874. It measures 4x10 with his bold signature, A W Bradford. Bradford was Maryland Governor during the Civil War. A nice example................$100

CW Maryland Governor Bradford Autograph- Offered is a very nice State of Maryland document appointing James Dorsey Inspector in Baltimore City. It measures 14 x17 dated March 10, 1962, has a beautiful embossed State seal and bold signature of the governor, A W Bradford. Folds through the document but not affecting his signature. Bradford was the governor of Maryland during the early part of the Civil War. A nice example...............$125

UNION COMMANDER OF 21ST COLORED INFANTRY- Offered is a magnificent signature clipped from a letter, "M.S. Littlefield, Bt Brig Gen, US Vol." Measuring approximately 3x5 in bold ink. Littlefield was Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General who commanded the 21st Colored Infantry. He also served his legal internship in Abraham Lincoln's law office. This is a great example to frame or just add to your collection............$75

GRANT CONCERNING COURT MARTIAL OF GEN. PORTER- Offered is a historic official printed true copy of letters from Brig. Gen. John Pope to General US Grant, President of the United States concerning new evidence since the court martial trial of General Fitz John Porter. The SCAN will show the complete transcript of this printed official document. It has been signed in print by Grant and in bold pen by Grant's Aide de Camp, Capt. C. L. Jesley................$75

EXTREMELY RARE CIVIL WAR WOUND PHOTOGRAPHS - Set of eight albumen photographs mounted on 11"x 14" boards, each with a descriptive label on the verso, detailing the nature and treatment of each wound depicted in the photo. For example, one photo illustrated is Private Henry E. Gumbert, aged 18 years ... Indiana militia regiment ... had the middle shaft of his left femur fractured by a round musket ball ... limb was shortened an inch and a half, Acting Assistant Surgeon Kitchen conducted the treatment ... procured and contributed to the Army Medical Museum the photograph of the case ... George A. Otis, BVT Lt. Col. & Asst Surg, U.S.A. Curator A.M.M." Each photograph has an extensive description on the verso and is marked by the "Surgeon General's Office/Army Medical Museum/Photographic Series". The other photos include these topics: Bottom of bone removed by the Trephine, John Rughts, Co H, 2nd Michigan Vols; Perforating Gunshot Wound of the Abdomen followed by Fecal Fistula, Pvt. Franklin harsh, Co G, 7th Ohio Vols; Consolidated Gunshot Fracture of the upper thirds of both femurs, 1st Sgt. William Shakespeare, Co K, 2nd Mich Vols; United gunshot fracture of the middle third of the right femur, Corporal Sylvester Boyce, Co B, 5th Mich Vols; Consolidated Gunshot Fracture of the middle third of the right femur, Pvt. Charles Quail, Co A, 4th Vt Vols; Consolidated gunshot fracture of the upper third of the right femur, Sgt Rufus M. Pray, Co K, 3rd Vt Cols; and right clavicle, fractured in the middle by a conoidal musket ball. Some soiling on mount, photos fine. Sold as a lot of eight...................................$2,000

"Rendering Justice" to Black's after CW- Offered is an explicit letter detailing the beating of a "free" Negro Boy by two white men in Woodruff Co. Arkansas. The details are very gruesome and is written to Union General E.O.C. Ord apparently seeking justice from the U.S. Military Government in this matter. "last Saturday and while their several of them drank too much. A faithful old Freeman that I have owned for many years was one of a number that started home in the evening got some two miles when they were overtaken by two men, Tom Rainey & Prim Mason they got into a fight………the boy told him that he was free and Mason gathered a piece of a fence Rail and struck two severe blows knocking the boy to his knees the boy recovered and got hold to Mason and all parties but that boy would have given Mason a good thrashing …..Tom Rainey jumped from his horse gathered a piece of fence Rail and fell on the boy and cowardly beat him so that he was not able to get home and I had to send after him and have brought him home next morning…..Civil Law it is a farce with the exception of a few irresponsible men such as Rainey…the free men are doing very well." This letter documents a very sad time in American shortly after the Civil War. The letter measures 8x10, dated July 23, 1867 and is in very good condition..........$250

Unusual Civil War Pension Documents- Offered are two documents related to a Union soldier's pension for serving in the Civil War. The first is a form document informing that the "your pension has been increased $40 under an act of Congress and approved by the President. This document measures 4x8 and the second document measures 5x7. This document dated March 4,1890 is a note due in the amount of $25 from WW Granger. Interesting grouping.................$75

Early Civil War Letter-Union or Disunion- Offered is an 1856 printed letter from Congressman SS Marshal titled "Parties and Politics of the Day to Freemen." The letter printed in Washington 1856 for the people of the 9th Congressional District of Illinois is 27 pages filled with early information that the Union is in trouble. Topics covered in this printed letter are:Parties hostile to the government; The Kansas and Nebraska Act; The Birth of the Know Nothing Party; Abolition; The Black Republican Party; and references to many notable Americans of the day. This letter gives a revealing look at the Nation and the issues that led to the Civil War...........................$75

Gettysburg Battlefield Framed Lithograph- Offered is a beautifully framed colored lithograph "Gettysburg Battlefield" by Endicott & Co. Lith. Framed it measures 27x40. It graphically shows both Confederate and Union troop movements during the battle which took place July 1,2 & 3 1863. There are numerous facsimile autographs on it including Gen. George Meade who writes (in facsimile) "I am perfectly satisfied with the accuracy with which the topography is delineated and position of the troops laid down." This was written on the original steel engraving which this lithograph was copied from. Ready to hang on the wall and historically correct........$325-CLICK IMAGE

Original Handwritten Confederate Manuscript- Offered is an original unpublished handwritten manuscript Confederate song written in 1864. The manuscript is seven lined pages measuring 8x11 with 21 stanzas to be read to Air of The Dutchman's Coon Hunt. The manuscript is entitled "Stewarts Pennsylvania Raid" and is dated on the last page "Baltimore '64." The author of this manuscript spelled the famous General Jeb Stuart's name incorrectly. This is the original draft as there are numerous corrections in the text. It is very nicely written and makes many references to many Civil War battles, personalities and incidents. Verses like, "Look a Dare now said Lee to Stewart Hurrah for You;" "So we trotted & we galloped through good old Maryland;" So we trotted & we galloped Toward Gettysburg & back To Keep the Yankees in the dark."....$500....CLICK IMAGE

Historic Gettysburg Document- Large document measuring approximately 11 x14, Headquarters Army of the Potomac, Camp Near Gettysburg, PA., July 6, 1863. Circular written for Gen. Meade by his Aide, Capt. Hiram Hayes, Co. A, 2nd Div., 2nd Corps in bold ink. The circular directed the purchase of horses for the Army, in part..... No private property can be taken for the use of the Quartemaster Dept. Of this Army without competent authority and prompt payment therefor,.....the maximum average price for horses not to exceed $125 and $16 per ton for hay. On the verso Brig. Gen Rufus Ingall has written....It is the order of the Sec. of War that all horses found in the country suitable for service with the artillery and cavalry shale (sic) be taken when needed and accounted for as directed by me. Rufus Ingalls, Brig. Gen. Army of the Potomac. This historic document was needed to purchase horses for the Union Army in pursuing Lee's Army that was in retreat after this famous battle that changed the course of the Civil War. This document has been beautifully framed with a cdv image on meade that measures approximately..............17 x20...................................$1,500

Original Confederate Veteran Magazine- 1926- Offered is an original copy of Confederate Magazine Vol. XXXIV June 1926. Magazine is intact but cover is loose. Contains some really good articles including one by Capt. Thomas B. Gatch who served in the 7th Virginia Cavalry.....................................$45................................CLICK IMAGE

RARE Early Maryland Civil War Broadside- Offered is an original newspaper broadside printed by the Baltimore County American Newspaper, Towson Maryland, dated April 20, 1861. Measuring approximately 4x10 and museum framed an d beautiful display that measures 10x16 overall.  Printed just one day after the first blood of the Civil War was shed In Baltimore between it’s citizens and Union troops of the 6th Mass. Infantry.  This would be know as the Baltimore Riot.  This broadside proclaims “Civil War is in our midst!  A riot has occurred between soldiers from the North and the citizens of Baltimore , and unarmed men have fallen beneath the musket shots of soldiers from another State”  Further passages from this historic document……”Northern troops are now, it is said, marching to Washington , intending to force themselves through Maryland…..The Baltimore County Horse Guards of this place has been ordered out, and manfully are they responding…….bridges over Western Run and Beaver Dams near Cockeysville and several bridges near the city have been destroyed to prevent the transportation of government troops from the North.”  This historic item describes the atmosphere of Baltimore and the surrounding vicinity at a time when the Union was dividing.  Extremely Rare Civil war item, never before known............................................$250.....................................CLICK IMAGE

A Daughter Writes her Civil War Soldier Father- offered is an unusual and emotionally moving letter written in pencil, measuring approximately 4x6, no date but on beautiful patriotic stationary. The way it is written the girl “Clara” couldn’t be more that 10-11 years old. Here is the full text of this heart warming letter of a daughter to her father who was a soldier in the Union Army….. My Dear Pappa(sic) I am going to rite (sic) you a letter I want you to come home I have got a whole lot of kisses for you I am getting big almost big enough to go to school with Laurence I would like to see you Papa you must write me a little letter Good by dear papa from your Clara. There is no punctuation in the letter which expresses how much the little girl misses her papa.....$50............CLICK IMAGE