Baseball Hall of Fame Signed Book  Offered is the Book, Ain’t The Beer Cold written by Baseball Hall of Fame announcer Chuck Thompson  who was the voice for the Baltimore Orioles and Colts sports teams for many years.  The book is in mint condition with the original dust jacket, 181 pages, Diamond Communications Inc. South Bend Indiana 1996.   It also has been inscribed, dated and signed with the date of his induction, 1993..........Originally $45..........NOW $30...................................................................................CLICK IMAGE1

Eight early Baltimore Oriole BB autographs- Offered are two small sheets of paper each measuring approximately 3x4 that has the original autographs in bold pen of the following Oriole baseball players: Joe Taylor, Bill Gardner, Luman Harris and Milt Pappas. The other has the autographs of Hal “Skinny” Brown, Al Vincent, Walt Dropo and Bob Neimen. Both are attached to black and orange construction paper housed in a plastic frame which measures 4x5. Nice and inexpensive...........Originally $50..........NOW $30.................CLICK IMAGE

Rare Baltimore Oriole Collectible- Offered is an original medallion produced by the Baltimore Sun papers for the first season that the Orioles played at Camden Yards their new stadium. The lead medal has the home schedule embossed on one side and the logo on the other and measures approximately 2” in diameter. These were sold in 1993 by the paper to promote the new Stadium. These are hard to come by...........Originally $25..........NOW $15.....................................................................................................CLICK IMAGE1 IMAGE2

Original Confederate Veteran Magazine- 1926- Offered is an original copy of Confederate Magazine Vol. XXXIV June 1926. Magazine is intact but cover is loose. Contains some really good articles including one by Capt. Thomas B. Gatch who served in the 7th Virginia Cavalry..........Originally $45................NOW $25....CLICK IMAGE

CSA Maj. Harry Gilmor Home @ Glen Ellen- Offered are Civil War relics and two coins found at the home of one of Maryland’s famous CSA “sons”, Harry Gilmor. Included are two small Union buttons, a bullet and two copper coins. One coin is an old penny dated 1857, the other appears to be a token. On one side of the token is an image of a horse and written around it is “The constitution Understand it and the date 1834. the other side pictures a man and around it is embossed “A Plain System Void of Pomp.” Harry Gilmor's grandfather had immigrated from Scotland to Maryland's Eastern Shore region in 1767. There he established a successful trading company, Robert Gilmor and Son, which was passed on to his son Robert III, Harry's father. In the 1820's Robert led an American delegation to Scotland, where he befriended Sir Walter Scott. Robert spent a considerable amount of time at Scott's castle home, Abbotsford. When he returned to Maryland he erected a three story, early Gothic Revival mansion meant to resemble Abbotsford, which Robert called Glen Ellen, after his young wife Ellen Ward. Born in Baltimore in January of 1838, Harry Gilmor was raised in the luxury that Glen Ellen provided. He was tutored by a private educator from Harvard University, and he became an exceptional horseman. He grew to be six feet tall, was considered extremely handsome, well tanned, had a high forehead, and always maintained a well groomed mustache. As he grew older, Harry's parents, perhaps hoping to insure that their son remained in touch with the world outside Glen Ellen and Baltimore high society, had him trained as a machinist at the nearby Vulcan Iron Works. As war approached, like many young bloods in the country, Harry joined a local militia unit, the Towson Horse Guards (also known as the Baltimore County Horse Guards). The Horse Guards drilled weekly on a vacant lot next to the court house in Towsontown. When war broke out, Harry and his brother crossed the Potomac and enlisted as privates in the Confederate Army. Gilmor quickly became an independent scout for Stonewall Jackson, and his reports on General Fremont's activities helped to shape Jackson's decision to drive north through the Shenandoah in 1862. Gilmor accompanied Jackson into Maryland in September of 1862. But when the young scout was again on his native Maryland soil he took "French leave," and rode with a companion through western Maryland toward Baltimore. Dressed in Confederate gray, the two riders managed to ride to within seven miles of Glen Ellen. It being late, the companions stopped at a friend's home for the night. Here, by shear coincidence, they encountered a Federal patrol looking for contraband heading South. Without ceremony Gilmor was arrested and held at Fort McHenry until his exchange several months later. He returned to the Shenandoah determined to raise his own regiment. In March of 1863 Gilmor sought out General JEB Stuart's advice and soon found himself embroiled with Stuart in the Battle of Kelly's Ford. During the melee Gilmor carried from the field the mortally wounded Major John Pelham, commander of Stuart's Light Artillery. Stuart supported Gilmor's efforts to raise his own regiment, as did General John Imboden. (8) Soon afterwards Gilmor personally visited Richmond to plead his case. By the end of August Gilmor had been commissioned a Major and was given authorization to raise his command. But Gilmor had some difficulty in raising his battalion. He had assumed that the bulk of it would come from Maryland, but by September of 1863 most of the Marylanders who would fight for the South were already there, assigned to units through out the Confederate Army; and few chose to leave those units. Gilmor was also burdened with restrictions that Richmond had placed on his recruiting. Secretary of War James Seddon was completely opposed to having yet another band of free booters roaming the countryside. According to Seddon, Virginians eligible for conscription could serve in regular army units. Gilmor could only recruit from Virginia young boys and men over forty-five. (9) He was forbidden from recruiting any men from the other Confederate States. This left him with few options. The core of his command came from Maryland and Western Virginia. The rest were either northerners, or deserters from both armies. Military commands of this sort are often reflective of their commander, and this was definitely true of Gilmor's Battalion. Harry Gilmor was Gilmor's Battalion. While Gilmor had been forced to recruit both deserters and scalawags to fill his battalion, the men he selected to ride with him were all very much like him. They were rowdy, reckless, and fearless. Of Gilmor's Battalion, Major W.W. Goldsborough, C.S.A., who chronicled the history of Maryland's Confederate units in "The Maryland Line" writes: "it is but fair to say that a braver, more daring and reckless band never followed the flag of a free companion in the Middle Ages."...........Originally $300................NOW $200..............................................................................................CLICK IMAGE1-- IMAGE2--

Rare Wayne Gretzky Collectible- Offered is a rare and seldom seen Wayne Gretzky collectible when still with the Edmonton Oilers. In the original unopened package is an original Hockey Dollar silver coin picturing Gretzky on one side and the Oilers logo on the reverse. Additionally there is a card containing his statistics from 1976 to 1983 the year this coin was produced. Items with Gretzky as an Oiler player are hard to find. This one is in excellent condition....... ORGINALLY $45 .........NOW $25....CLICK IMAGE

1920s-30s Ice Hockey Pin- Offered is a beautiful ice hockey pin picturing three players with sticks and skating measuring 1 ½” in diameter. Over the player written in French is Academie Piche Lachine. The back also written in French JP Moncel Montreal Que. Insignes et Boutons Fabriqueau Canada. The pin is mint....... ORGINALLY $50.........NOW $30....CLICK IMAGE

1984 Campbell Soup Winter Olympic Pin Set- offered is an original set of 6 Campbell Soup Pins for the 1984 Winter Olympics held in Sarajevo. The pins have the Soup “kids” in poses representing the sports of figure skating, speed skating, ski jumping, bob sledding and ice hockey. In original plastic holder with all original pins. Nice Olympic related advertising....... ORGINALLY$ 45.........NOW $25.........

Incredible Patrick Roy Autographed Poster- Offered is an incredible autographed poster measuring approximately 24 x 36 inches picturing Patrick Roy’s #33 Montreal Canadian goalie cage helmet. He has originally autographed in white pen his name and his #33 measuring about 8” long at the bottom left corner. A future Hall of Fame Goalie and one of the greatest to ever play the game, this poster is in excellent condition. Unconditionally guaranteed authentic for life. ORGINALLY $ 75 NOW $50 .........CLICK IMAGE

Rare WHA vs. Russia Hockey Match in Tokyo 1977-78 Offered is a rare WHA players gift given by Russian players before their ice hockey games. This is a tradition between countries when they play hockey internationally, players of both teams prepare and give gifts to each other before they play. This series of games was played between numerous WHA teams and two Russian teams. The Russian Team A defeated the WHA teams 9 games to 1while Russian Team B went 4 wins 5 losses and 1 tie with the WHA. The item is a bright red blanket measuring approximately 4’x5’ and has at one end a triangular patch honoring this game. This was given to a WHA player of who I have no idea who it was, but seldom does memorabilia from this “Super Series” come to the market.ORGINALLY $ 100........NOW $75 .........CLICK IMAGE

2 Rare Hockey NHL Hall of Fame Autographs- Offered is an incredible typed letter measuring approximately 6x8 on tissue paper, which is a MEMORANDUM of AGREEMENT dated August 15, 1950. It is an addendum to Toronto Maple Leafs Hall of Fame player “Teeter Kennedy’s” contract for that season. It outlines bonus incentives of $3,000 if he scores 30 goals or 70 points during the 1950-1951 season. It has been boldly signed by Kennedy and Hall of Fame member, Conn Smythe. This is a historic document which seldom is offered for sale as most of these original documents are usually in museums. Teeter Kennedy was the great Captain of the Maple Leafs for many years and his signature is quite rare. ORGINALLY$ 350 .........NOW $250........CLICK IMAGE

1992 NHL All Star Collection played in Philadelphia- Offered is an incredible collection of items relating to the 1992 NHL All Star Game played Jan. 18 1992 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia, home of the Flyers. This comprehensive collection consists of the following items: Two tickets with great pictures of players on them; two different bumper stickers for the game; two unused table napkins with the All Star logo in the center; All Star pin given to all who attended; original pamphlet with the schedule of events for the entire weekend; five NHL press release sheets about the game; an upper deck Limited Collector’s Series sheet picturing six cards; five original snap shot photos picturing players, mostly Mario Lemieux; and an original program that has been authentically autographed in person by NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Hull. All of these items are in mint condition and original. A great Hockey collection.ORGINALLY $ 75.........NOW $50.........CLICK IMAGE

Rare and Unusual Philadelphia Flyers Memorabilia- Offered for the Flyers NHL Ice Hockey fan is a hard to come by item. Here is an original automobile license plate issued to a Charter Member of the Philadelphia Flyers. To my knowledge there were only 500 0f these plates made and given to the first 500 persons who purchased season tickets when the Flyers first came into the NHL for the 1967-68 season. The plate shows the wear of being on the car, having rust on it but the letters are very intact with the original paint. It measures approximately 6x12. A rare collectable for hockey and car plate collectors.ORGINALLY $50.........NOW $35 .........CLICK IMAGE