A Rare Relic From Kennedy Assassination

An Original portion of the molding taken from the Texas Theater where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested on November 22, 1963. The molding was removed during the renovation of the theater. The molding measures 1"x 3" and is museum framed with an engraved plaque and photograph. The contractor who renovated the theater and removed the molding also renovated the Texas School Book Depository and removed the windows which have been sold at auction recently..........................$1,000 SALE $650

RARE Ronald Reagan White House Card- Offered is a beautiful White House card that has been boldly signed in blue fountain pen by the President. It has been museum framed a gold frame and is ready to hang. The signature was obtained in person when Reagan visited a college in Baltimore Maryland during his first term....$2000 SALE $1500



RARE Philanthropist Autograph- Enoch Pratt- Iron merchant, capitalist, philanthropist; born in North Middleborough, Mass. He worked as a clerk in Boston before he moved to Baltimore (1831). He ran a wholesale iron establishment for many years and was a leader of the Maryland Steamboat Company (1872--92). He also engaged in banking and insurance. He supported the (unpopular) Union cause in Baltimore during the Civil War. He used his wealth to support many causes, including the improvement of conditions of African-Americans, but his most notable benefaction was establishing the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore. Andrew Carnegie later said he was influenced by Pratt's example of branch libraries. Offered is a printed and hand completed check drawn on the Franklin Bank Of Baltimore, July 8, 1859 for $100.90 payable to Enoch Pratt. Signed in ink by Pratt on the verso in good condition with cut cancel, but Pratt's signature large and clear unaffected by cancel……$75

Official Photo autographed by Pres. Reagan- Offered is a beautiful color 8x10 photograph of Ronald Reagan as President autographed in bold dark pen below his image. The reverse is marked Official Photograph The White House Washington Feb. 8, 1984, 06297 12…………………….$150

Famous Philanthropist Helps Black School - Offered is a three page handwritten letter dated June 12, 1873, to the Singer Manufacturing Company of Baltimore seeking donations of sewing machines for the new House of Reformation and Instruction for Colored Children in Prince Georges County Maryland. Measures approximately 5x8 in bold black ink and signed by Enoch Pratt. This would become the Cheltenham Reform School still in existence as Boys' Village. It was an early post Civil War attempt to help African American children get a decent education and start in life. Pratt was a well known and successful Baltimore businessman best known for leaving a large amount of money to fund the first public library in the nation in Baltimore City. The letter's content is an incredible plea from a man who really cared about the plight on black children. Here is just a few quotes from this historic letter, "I take the liberty to ask you to donate one of your best improved sewing machines to the House of Reformation and Instruction for Colored Children……We have taken already 31 taken out of our jail, 8 to 15 years old and of course taken away from the influences that would make them thieves for life……There is no want so great now as institutions fro colored people. We have really none, our Penitentiary has 3 colored to one white." I have scanned this letter for all who is interested to read. This is one of the most historic Black Americana letters I have ever offered. It comes with a cover letter to the Singer company from an agent encouraging the donation.
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RARE Joseph P Kennedy Jr. Collectible- Joe Jr. was the eldest of the Kennedy Brothers and name sake of the Kennedy patriarch who tragically died in a top secret war mission during WWII. His airplane crashed during the early part of the war and his body was never recovered and this incident remains still one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of the war. Joe Jr. was the son that Joe Sr. had envisioned the Presidency for, but upon his death his second son, John F Kennedy had Joe Sr.'s full efforts. His efforts would of course pay off when JFK became President. Offered is an extremely rare collectible that gives an insight to the original "All American" boy. This is an original complete except for missing front cover October 1935 Harvard Football Program vs. Holly Cross. The program is 36 pages and has both team lineups including Kennedy listed as # 52 playing end; another page having Statistics of Harvard Varsity Football Squad listing under ENDs, Joseph P. Kennedy '38 (class) Age 20 Weight 173 Height 5'11 Prep School Choate Bronxville N.Y; and a great B&W team photograph showing Kennedy in the last row, second from left. The program contains numerous football articles about Harvard football and other football teams. The overall condition is very good. Anything related to the first Kennedy son is very rare and desirable and seldom is offered for sale. This would make a great addition for the Kennedy or Sports collector.
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Rare Doc. Honors First Thanksgiving 1620 - Offered is a large 21x28 broadside from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by His Excellency John A Andrew Governor for a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise. This historic item dated 10/31/1861 by the Council and Gov. of Mass .proclaims and appoints Thursday, November 21st 1861 the same being the anniversary of that day in the year 1620 on which the Pilgrims of Massachusetts on board the Mayflower united themselves in a solemn and written compact of government to be observed by the people as a day of Public Thanksgiving and Praise. This historic document marks the 241st anniversary of the actual day the Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving in America. The document is slightly yellowed but overall is in very good condition..................................................$350 CLICK IMAGE